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STI Solutions:


Technology Driven Business Process Change Solutions – Change management is an integral component of enterprise software implementation.   At the next level, business process improvement management in technology initiatives can result in truly transformational changes for the business.  STI can help you identify and document your current business processes, provide clarity on how those processes meet customer needs, and facilitate taking those processes to the next level.

Cloud Computing Service Solutions – Cloud Computing has moved past the “hype” stage where promises exceed what can be delivered.  STI takes a pragmatic approach to Cloud Services solutions and what they can, and can not, accomplish.  The first step to step to a successful Cloud Solution is a comprehensive Cloud strategy.  Organizations often overlook critical elements of a successful Cloud strategy and find themselves in a reactive rather than proactive Cloud deployment situation.  STI can help you cut through the Cloud “noise” to develop a solid Cloud strategy and get it implemented.

ERP and CRM Leadership Solutions – CRM is more than a sales and marketing solution.  ERP is more than an operations and accounting solution.  Both solutions need to look at the business as a whole to best leverage their true value to the business.  STI can help you identify the right solution for your needs, and bring together best in class people, processes, and technology to ensure a successful A though Z initiative.

Custom Software Development Solutions – Custom software development initiatives can run over budget or fail.  Often, this is due to unseen information gaps between key constituencies – the questions that need to be asked are not asked.  STI can provide leadership for custom software development solutions that get delivered on time and on budget.

Technology Strategy Solutions – How can technology best support strategic business goals?  How can technology drive strategic business goals?  Is it the right time to leverage emerging technologies?  STI works with your business first to understand strategic goals and the bottom line, and then provides a comprehensive assessment and technology strategy solution for your business.

Large Project Management Solutions – Large projects are complex by nature and involve extensive internal resource commitments.  While internal resources are critical for project success, it is imperative that those resources continue to “run the business”.  STI can provide project management leadership for large projects, and works with all internal stakeholders to see project success.

Vendor and IT Hire Selection Solutions – Internal hire or contract out?  Gain an agnostic opinion on IT structure, vendor selection, and candidate selection.  Master the nuances of interviewing, assessment centers, and hire rankings. STI can provide expert guidance in these areas and more.

CIO Outsourcing / Temp Solutions – STI can provide part or full time CIO consulting, or facilitate temp solutions in a number of technical areas.